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Valerie & Ron Taylor were both Australian spearfishing champions however they soon replaced their spears with cameras,

pursuing an adventurous career with their extraordinary marine documentaries.

Ron and Valerie introduced Australia and the world to the wonders of marine life and more specifically sharks.

their story 

Ron & Valerie Taylor have been largely responsible for putting Australia on the international dive destination map and they have also established a formidable reputation as film makers and shark researchers. They have raised issues about marine environments and species preservation. 

They met in the late 50's as members of the St George Spearfishing Club in Sydney. Both were competitive spearfishers. During this time their fascination and understanding of the oceans increased and prompted them to give up spearfishing, and focus more on photography, film making, marine research and conservation.


Ron had experience with cameras and built his own underwater acrylic housings for both still and movie cameras. Ron was the first person to swim with great white sharks without the protection of a cage this lead the couple to have the opportunity to work on many movies involving underwater scenes, such as Shark Hunter, Blue Lagoon, Blue Water White Death, Jaws, Orca, Sky Pirates, Gallipoli, The Silent one, Honeymoon in Vegas, Dead Calm, The Island Of Dr Moreau.

In the 1980s and 90s, Ron and Valerie continued to research electronic shark deterrents and worked hard to promote marine conservation while continuing to work as underwater photographers in the film industry.


Sadly, at the age of 78 Ron passed away in September, 2012 from cancer. Valerie still continues her work in the film industry and devotes time to marine conservation. She has just completed a feature length documentary "Valerie" and a book "An Adventurous Life"

Signed copies of the book are available for purchase on this site. 



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